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Australian Holidays

You will learn that Australia welcomes so many visitors every month. This is a number that will seldom surprise any person that has visited this country before. The countrys breathtaking wildlife, architectural beauty and awesome people make it one of the premier destinations. It is imperative to indicate that there are a number of holidays that you might not be aware that they exist. You will easily get to discover more about this as you keep on reading.

You will learn of the Australian day. It is necessary to indicate that Australia came into existence after the decision by Britain to convert landmass into a prison. You will learn that Australia has so far risen above the penal ties that brought it to its existence. This day is therefore celebrated to show Australias pride in their country. You will actually realize that firework snows as well as fin runs will be predominant on this day. We then have the Anzac Day which is usually celebrated on the 25th of April. It is actually jointly celebrated by New Zealand and Australia. You will learn that it was originally aimed at celebrating the fallen soldiers of the First World War that came from these two countries. You will also find that there is the British-born Boxing Day. This day was actually aimed at encouraging people to exchange gifts amongst themselves. This has however gone ahead to become one of the biggest after-Christmas sale.

You will also note that the Queens birthday is celebrated. This is particularly due to the fact that Australia is part of the British monarchy. This is why they will often seek to ensure that they pay homage to the queen. This is often celebrated on the second Monday of June. Then comes the Canberra Day. It is celebrated on the second Monday of every March. This day seeks to celebrate the day Canberra was named as the capital city of the country. It actually features great historical significance even to this day. You will find that people will often mark this day with festivals and other similar activities. You will also learn of the Ekka Peoples day. It seeks to celebrate the excellence in the Agricultural sector in Brisbane. It is necessary to indicate that this is a day that will be filled with delicious meals and animal showcasing. You will find that it is held in mid-August in most cases.

We then have the Proclamation Day. However, you will learn that this day is slowly being forgotten. It was purposed to commemorate the founding of South Austria. You will witness various historical reenactments on this particular day. You will also be assured of great meals as well as fun.