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We Are Ready to Move in


We looked around for quite awhile before we found this place and of course it has a few problems. We probably would not be able to afford the place if the seller had done all of the things that it needs to be done. Most of it is things that we should be able to do on our own, but the costly thing shall be finding someone to do HVAC near me. It is going to be costly and we are not going to be able to do it right off probably. I suppose we could borrow the money or find a way to pay for on installments. Of course right now it is well below freezing and it is going to be quite cold for a good while. I am not really thinking about delaying that forever, but I may well think about whether or not we can get through the coming summer without air conditioning. Obviously a lot of people did without air conditioning for a long time and we might not be able to afford it.

I figure that if we need to, then we can buy a window unit and stay in one room if that is what we need to do. I could sleep on the floor if that was what I really had to do and it is not as though I have not slept in pretty bad places while I was in the U.S. Army. They laugh at you if you complain about this sort of thing in the Infantry. Of course I would like to have all of this done, but it is going to be a matter of the time and the money first of all. Then I have to figure out exactly what I need to do about each thing that must be done.